The Open Bar Comedy Show

  • Still Seeking the Approval of Strangers with Ritch Shydner!

    Welcome legendary comedian Ritch Shyder for a hilarious and insightful conversation about the theory of stand-up comedy, crazy road stories from his 47 years on stage, and the incredible advice Rodney Dangerfield bestowed on him.

  • Tanyalee Davis "Be An Unstoppable Me"

  • Johnny Millwater: Mostly Joking

    Johnny Millwater tells all about life on a cruise ship and how it can effect your mental health. In a very candid and deep conversation about the comedy business (and its drawbacks) along with its successes, Johnny Millwater gives a very interesting behind the scenes look at the life of a stand-u...

  • Les McCurdy: Sense of Self Worth

    Les McCurdy- Club owner fo McCurdy's Theatre and comedian talks about life and shooting his comedy special. Les has some of he best stories in comedy and if you have been fortunate to be back stage in the green room other some, consider yourself very fortunate! Now, you can get some of those stor...