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  • Bill "Bull Ohse: Faking Bad

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    Bill “BULL” Ohse started his comedy Career on Sept 11, 2002, the one year anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy, Still didn’t feel like the world was ready to laugh, but Bull was ready for the uphill challenge, That night Bull realized his lifelong dream of performing, and hasn’t looked b...

  • Auggie Smith "Chairman of The Bald"

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    A 30 year veteran of comedy stages around the world Auggie Smith has been seen on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing and can be heard regularly on The Bob and Tom Show. His long career has included being voted Club Comic Of The Year at the Aspen Comedy Festival and winning both the prestigious S...

  • Daryl Felsberg "I Won't Stand For This"

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    No mistaking when Daryl Felsberg is on stage, this larger than life comic commands a room everywhere he goes. His story telling approach littered with jokes and heaps of laughs always have a big pay off. His sarcasm is as rich and thick as his brisket infused bloodstream.

    Host of the new Youtu...

  • Caroline Picard: Y'all Didn't See That Coming!"

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    There is the Queen of England, the Queen of the Nile and Freddy Mercury’s band, but there is but one Cajun Queen of Comedy; and her name is Caroline Picard.

    This Grammy nominated comedian has braved the deserts of the Middle East, as well as the sands of war as a popular entertainer for our US ...